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On the edge? Burnt out? Tired? Confused? Derailed?
Life in the fast lane too heavy? Rat race fatigue? Emotionally wounded or drained?
Too much baggage? Spiritually weakened?

Did you answer yes to one or more of the above questions?
Then one week on a Travel Light Healing Tour could make all the difference you so desperately need!



What is a Healing Tour?

It is most definitely a journey to emotional and spiritual healing which will only be, in many cases, the start of a lifelong journey. A Travel Light Healing Tour is exactly what it says……helping every individual on the tour getting rid of unwanted, heavy emotional baggage, by using counselling tools and nature for the healing, refreshing and reviving of a broken spirit. Nature is known for its calming en refreshing effect on us and the beautiful Garden Route, around George and Wilderness, will be the perfect surrounding for the tour. Forest, sea and mountains will be nature’s part in this healing tour, while counselling tools and most of all the loving Holy Spirit of God Almighty will lead people to green pastures of rest. One week soaking in lovely places of nature, truths, the presence of God, a spa session and lots of other treats will leave you revived and renewed, body, soul and spirit.

A First in South Africa

A registered SATSA SA Tourist Guide and registered ACCSA Christian Counsellor will be your guide to a fresh start and True North
in a comfortable retreat venue at Wilderness on the beautiful tranquil Garden Route!
Sessions will be in Afrikaans/English
**Limited space**
Only 6 people will have the chance to join this Healing Tour

1-8 April 2017


R 5990.00 per person

Price Includes:

  • Accomodation
  • Ministering and Counselling Sessions
  • Recreational Activities
  • Entrance Fees
  • Food
  • Transportation
  • Art Sessions
  • Treatments

  • Download the Tour Itinarary



    Below are some photos of the area and the venue you will be visiting on your Healing Tour.

    Who is your host, counsellor and tourist guide?

    Anita Pieterse is your host, counsellor and tourist guide for the week. She’s been in full time ministry for the last 6 years with ministry partners over the globe. She is a trained and registered ACCSA Christian counsellor as well as a trained and registered SATSA South African Tourist Guide. Everything you will need on a healing tour! She has a lot of other skills too but most important is her passion and compassion for people! Especially for people who are hurt, broken, burnt out and wounded. Currently she operates as a counsellor, presenter on Heartbeat 103,9 FM, the Garden Route’s local Christian Radio station, is the author of the book “Die Groter Prentjie” and speaker at inner healing conferences. She herself lives in George on the Garden Route and will surely show off a few Garden Route gems on this tour.
    person 1
    Anita Pieterse
    Tourist Guide and Counsellor

    Why Healing Tours?

    Earlier in 2016 I was at a place in my life where I needed something new, a new challenge but definitely something that suits my passions. The thought of this concept of a Healing Tour came to mind, since it suits exactly my qualifications and three passions perfectly, people, ministry and nature. I mean, I live on the most beautiful part of South Africa! I started to Google for something similar in SA and couldn’t find anything. Abroad similar healing tours involved secret mysticisms which I wasn’t looking for. The thought and dream was scary to me, somewhat too big. I put it on the shelf and asked God to confirm if this was His thought and plan, otherwise I don’t want to get into it. Months went by. I was invited to a day where women were taught how to dress accordingly to their Godly design and at the end of the session the lady told me, while in prayer, she saw me with women carrying luggage, getting on a train, sitting in a room unpacking the luggage. Too much detail to write here, but I got my confirmation from the Source of the idea and the rest is history.






    Garden Route, WC, South Africa.
    Call us:
    +27 (0)83 285 91 12
    Email us:
    Information and Questions: anita@healingtours.co.za
    Book your spot NOW: bookings@healingtours.co.za



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